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PLUS® finishes are mass-lubricated sealants. Applied on GEOMET® coatings, they allow to control the coefficient of friction of threaded pieces and to increase their resistance to corrosion. The anti-corrosion mechanism of the GEOMET®, i.e. the controlled sacrificial protection, is further improved with the PLUS® finishes.

Features & Performance

World References:

PLUS® XL : PSA (B15 3320) RENAULT (on drawings) CHRYSLER (PS 9666) • PLUS® L : CHRYSLER (PS-5873) FIAT (Cap. 9.57513) GENERAL MOTORS (GMW14) IVECO (18-1101) CATERPILLAR (1E1675G) JOHN DEERE (JDM F13) • PLUS® VL : BMW (GS 90010) DAIMLER (DBL 9440) OPEL (GMW 3359) PORSCHE (PTL 7529) RENAULT TRUCKS (01.71.4002) VOLKSWAGEN Group (TL 245) • PLUS® ML : FIAT (Cap. 9.57513) FORD (WX 100 S438) GENERAL MOTORS (GMW 3359) IVECO (18-1101) • PLUS® M : FIAT (Cap. 9.57513) IVECO (18-1101) RENAULT (01-71-002) RENAULT TRUCKS (01.71.4002) • PLUS® 10 : HONDA NISSAN PORSCHE (PTL 7529) SUZUKI VOLKSWAGEN Group (TL245)

REACh – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals
2011/65/EU and (EU) 2015/863 – Directive of the European Parliament on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
ASTM F1136 / F1136 M – Zinc/Aluminum Corrosion Protective Coatings for Fasteners
EN 13858 – Corrosion protection of metals – Non-electrolytically applied zinc flake coatings on iron or steel components
EN ISO 10683 – Fasteners – Non-electrolytically applied zinc flake coating systems

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