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Customized microphosphating processes

Based on the needs of the project, the company recommends and performs zinc (ZN) and zinc-calcium (ZN-CA) microphosphating treatments.

The evolution of traditional phosphating treatments

Microphosphating, considered the evolution of traditional phosphating treatments, is able to produce a high-performance coating, applicable to various chemical conversion needs of metals. Thanks to the cleaning by micro-sandblasting and a special phosphating bath developed in collaboration with our important customer, leader in the fastener sector in 1996 (Nitrites and Nickel free), pitting is practically absent or very reduced. Metals subjected to zinc-calcium microphosphating treatment reveal a lower coefficient of friction than other phosphated surfaces and have a dense layer of micro-crystals, the result of the chemical conversion of fasteners with low-thickness treatments.

The advantages of microphosphating

Microphosphating, or microcrystalline phosphating, offers a number of benefits, including:

Creating a protective layer on the metal and increasing its resistance to atmospheric and environmental corrosion.


Improved paint adhesion for more durable and uniform finishes.


Reduction of wear and abrasion of metal surfaces, extending their service life.


Preparation of surfaces for further treatments such as galvanizing or painting.

FIMEUR develops microphosphating treatments supporting customers in various industrial environments: automotive, construction, electronics industry and many others.

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