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Advanced technology for coating metal components

The GEOMET® surface treatment is one of the best options for creating a protective layer on metal components of different nature. The treatment protects the product from corrosion through the application of an inorganic coating based on zinc and aluminum. GEOMET® is particularly suitable for fasteners as it also offers a stable and controlled coefficient of friction.

When is GEOMET® treatment recommended?

The GEOMET® treatment is known for its ability to provide maximum resistance against corrosion to the components on which it is applied. Therefore, it is particularly suitable in extreme environments, in marine conditions and, with the addition of special GEOMET® topcoats, in case of expusure to aggressive chemicals. GEOMET® is used in a variety of industries, including automotive, agricultural machinery, construction, OIL & GAS and energy.

GEOMET®: advantages

The GEOMET® treatment gives access to the following benefits:

Effective protection of metal components from wear and corrosion.


Improvement of the reliability and durability of metal products.


Sustainability, guaranteed by the use of non-harmful materials free of hexavalent and trivalent chromium.


Maximum friction control and resistance to adverse environmental conditions, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

FIMEUR masterfully manages complex work processes, taking care of the execution of customized GEOMET® treatments.

GEOMET® Surface Treatment: Products

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