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Manganese phosphating

Specialized in performing manganese phosphating treatments

FIMEUR carries out excellent manganese phosphating treatments, which improve the component’s resistance to friction and self-lubrication. The skills gained over the years of work allow FIMEUR to develop innovative manganese phosphating treatments, giving impeccable characteristics to the product, thus satisfying the most diverse needs.

Manganese phosphating anti-rust, anti-friction and self-lubricating properties

The manganese phosphating treatment is particularly suitable for those components that must settle together within a cold mechanical system. The process involves the formation of a dark grey chemical coating, with a constant thickness, which maximises the anti-friction properties of the surface. The treatment makes it possible to achieve a high anti-wear function and at the same time a low coefficient of friction. FIMEUR carries out manganese phosphating treatment using barrel or static technologies. Subsequently, it proceeds with the oiling of the product in order to increase its corrosion resistance properties.

Manganese Phosphating: Features & Benefits

Thanks to the extraordinary characteristics of the manganese phosphating treatment, the customer can take advantage of the following advantages:

Reduction of micro-roughness on the surface of metals and increased lubrication.


Creation of an excellent support for lubricating oils and additives in general.


Very good anti-wear properties: the phosphate layer, penetrating deeply, increases the strength of the metal.


Improvement of the adhesion of paint and organic finishes, simplification of the cold deformation process.

FIMEUR carries out tailor-made treatments, responding quickly and efficiently to the customer’s needs.

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