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Zinc phosphating

Corrosion protection for perfect anchoring

The zinc salt phosphating treatment carried out by FIMEUR makes metal surfaces more resistant to corrosion, through the application of a protective layer. The process, which is also suitable as a pre-painting treatment, facilitates the anchoring of plastic substances along the metal surface. FIMEUR is a leading company for zinc phosphating treatments in Brescia.

Zinc salt phosphating: the process

The zinc phosphating treatment, also known as phosphating or zinc salt phosphating, is carried out by FIMEUR specialists on metals such as iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and cast iron. The product is treated with alkaline degreasing, washed and pickled in order to eliminate traces of oxidation, contaminants and oily residues. The surface is coated with a protective layer with a controlled thickness. The zinc phosphating treatment ultimately involves the sealing phase.

The Advantages of Zinc Phosphating

Zinc phosphating is a chemical treatment that can provide the following advantages:

Anti-corrosion protection that inhibits the action of rust or other oxidizing agents.


Creation of a suitable base to retain any corrosion inhibitors.


Wear protection.


Possibility of using the treatment to prepare a stable anchoring base for the bonding of materials (lacquers, rubber, paints or Teflon).

As a result of the zinc phosphating treatment, FIMEUR offers a coating with anti-rust, anti-friction and adhesion properties.

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