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Zinc flake

Maximum corrosion protection: GEOMET® zinc flake by NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE.

FIMEUR is specialized in the processing of zinc flake through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, first of all zinc flake GEOMET® by NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE. This advanced coating technology provides excellent protection against corrosion by creating a layer of zinc flake on the metal surface.

Coatings: areas of application for zinc flake

Zinc flake coatings offer excellent performance in different industrial sectors. In the automotive industry, they are used to protect components such as bolts, screws and structural parts against corrosion and to control the coefficient of friction. In the construction sector, zinc flake coating is essential for structural components such as beams and bridges, while in the marine, naval and OIL & GAS sectors, zinc flake treatment provides greater protection against corrosion caused by the saline environment. Zinc flake treatment is also used in the energy sector, for the protection of pipelines, equipment and tanks.

Advantages of zinc flake technology

The zinc flake treatment guarantees significant advantages:

Provides exceptional protection against corrosion.


The water-based zinc flake coating is eco-friendly.


It guarantees excellent long-term performance.


It offers excellent adhesion for painting, ensuring a high-quality finish.

FIMEUR performs GEOMET® zinc flake machining by NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE able to ensure important technical benefits.

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Treatments for the protection of metal components

FIMEUR uses state-of-the-art technologies to give metal components a high-performance coating. In particular, through the GEOMET® treatment:
GEOMET® Zinc Flake
The zinc flake treatment makes metal surfaces more resistant to corrosion, while at the same time being extremely efficient in terms of costs and sustainability. The GEOMET® treatment protects metal components from corrosion by applying a thin layer of inorganic material based on zinc and flake aluminum.

Areas of application

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