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Dry lubrication

Anti-wear, anti-seize and anti-noise treatment

FIMEUR performs dry lubrication treatments with the aim of increasing the anti-wear and anti-seize properties of the surfaces, while reducing the noise of the components.

Molykote® treatment: features

The dry lubrication treatment is carried out carefully and professionally by FIMEUR technicians. The staff uses molybdenum disulfide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Teflon lacquers. FIMEUR exclusively chooses, for dry lubrication, top-of-the-range lubricants of the Molykote® brand, capable of withstanding even high temperatures without losing their properties. Molykote®’s dry lubrication treatment also significantly reduces lubricant consumption and maintenance.

The advantages of dry lubrication treatment

The Molykote® treatment allows you to achieve the following benefits:

Reduced friction between metal surfaces with a marked improvement in efficiency and a decrease in wear.


Molykote works well at both extremely low and high temperatures, ensuring reliable lubrication.


Maximum resistance to harsh chemicals, maintaining performance despite corrosive environments.


Increased energy efficiency in mechanical applications due to low coefficient of friction.

FIMEUR provides its partners with a range of state-of-the-art equipment and services, dealing with dry lubrication with Molykote®.

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