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Phosphating: more protection for the metal

FIMEUR has forty years of experience in the field of metal phosphating. The phosphating treatment is carried out on the basis of the customer’s requests, in order to guarantee maximum quality and optimal performance of the product. FIMEUR performs manganese, zinc and zinc-calcium metal phosphating treatments, dry lubrication and microphosphating.

Phosphating of iron, aluminium and ferrous alloys

The phosphating process, also called phosphating, is performed on ferrous alloys and iron (with the exception of stainless steels) with the aim of altering the metal surface. The phosphating of iron causes “pickling” and chemical conversion of the metal surface. In this way, it is possible to form a layer of phosphate crystals of various shapes and thicknesses, chemically bonded to the substrate. FIMEUR performs phosphating treatments by immersion in a bath of phosphate and phosphoric acid.

Metal phosphating treatment: the advantages

The metal phosphating process allows you to access the following advantages:

Optimization of the wear resistance of metal.


Reduced friction and improved sliding capacity.


Improved anchoring for subsequent application of plastic material or coatings.


Maximum adhesion to the paintwork.

All these properties are guaranteed by the phosphate treatment performed by FIMEUR along the treated metal surface.

Metal phosphating treatments carried out by FIMEUR

Based on the specific needs of the customer, based on the piece to be treated and the result to be obtained, FIMEUR carries out the following metal phosphating treatments:
Manganese metal phosphating
Ideal as an anti-friction and self-lubricating treatment for components used in cold mechanical work.
A process applied as an anti-corrosion protection capable of inhibiting the action of rust or other oxidizing agents.
Treatment useful for the creation of a base for the subsequent painting of metal or for the bonding of plastic materials including rubber, Teflon or other polymers.
An innovative treatment able to offer a high-performance coating, applicable for various chemical conversion needs of metals.
A process that aims to increase the wear resistance and anti-seize property of metal surfaces, but also to reduce the noise of the components.

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