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Instrumentation of excellence, for precision results

FIMEUR uses a fleet of innovative equipment and state-of-the-art technologies to carry out chemical phosphating treatments. For the execution of the interventions, customized according to the customer’s needs, the company uses a modern barrel wagon system, static processing and four automatic lines for phosphating bolts. GEOMET®‘s activity is carried out in a dedicated plant, adjacent to our current headquarters, with state-of-the-art plant technology and trained and highly qualified personnel.
Thanks to technological innovation, we can control our process at every stage and guarantee a high level of quality. Unlike the classic “spray” system, the DDS® system allows us to optimize our production capacity as the pieces are placed on special frames inside racks and treated entirely, ensuring, thanks to the immersion process, that they are also coated in internal areas and cavities.
FIMEUR offers flexible and fast services, in compliance with the agreed deadlines, delivering products with a high quality standard.

Our in-house laboratory:

Given the growing complexity and stringent regulations, upon request we have the possibility to perform the following tests (not Accredia® certified) and issue related reports according to customer requirements:
Coefficient of friction control test with modern measuring instruments Kistler Shatz machine: Measurement of the total coefficient of friction (COF) for the purpose of process inspection in assembly. The tests are carried out in accordance with the parameters described in the international standard UNI EN ISO 16047
Salt Spray Chamber Corrosion Resistance Control Test: The salt spray test is a standardized test that allows you to verify the strength of a material or the effectiveness of organic and inorganic surface coatings in protecting the substrate against corrosion.
The tests are conducted in accordance with the parameters described in the UNI EN 9227:2017 and UNI EN 1670:2007 standards.
-FISHERSCOPE thickness gauge for general thickness control with diamagnetic head -MITUTOYO Surftest SJ310 roughness tester for roughness control. -INNOV X X-ray optical emission spectrometer for the analysis of solid metals with ferrous and non-ferrous matrices.
Surface treatments

FIMEUR carries out different types of chemical surface treatments, responding to any market request and always guaranteeing the highest quality.

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