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Our History Rewrites Your Future

Specialized for over forty years in phosphating treatments, we offer technologically innovative solutions for GEOMET® Zinc Flake application.
Quality, Expertise and Accuracy

A solid know-how at the service of the customer

The FIMEUR team has been specialized in phosphating treatments for over forty years: from manganese phosphating to zinc phosphating, up to zinc-calcium phosphating and zinc microphosphating and dry lubrication. These treatments give specific characteristics to metal surfaces: excellent wear resistance, friction reduction and anchoring properties useful for painting and plastic applications.
The GEOMET® treatment protects metal components from corrosion through the application of a thin layer of inorganic material based on zinc and flake aluminum, ensuring very high performance in terms of resistance to oxidation and control of the coefficient of friction. GEOMET®’s activity is carried out in a dedicated plant, adjacent to the current registered office, with state-of-the-art plant technology and trained and highly qualified personnel. Thanks to technological innovation, FIMEUR is able to control the process at every stage and guarantee a high level of quality. Unlike the classic “spray” system, the DDS® system allows to optimize the production capacity as the pieces are placed on special frames inside racks and treated entirely, ensuring, thanks to the immersion process, that they are also coated in internal areas and cavities.
FIMEUR offers fast, efficient and highly flexible services. The company carries out qualitatively impeccable phosphating and GEOMET ® application processes in compliance with delivery times. FIMEUR has obtained IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certification for Quality System Management.

Punctual and efficient work processes, for state-of-the-art treatments.

State-of-the-art equipment

Chemical treatments for metal conversion

For the execution of metal surface treatments, FIMEUR technicians use a fleet of innovative equipment, choosing the latest generation tools capable of guaranteeing quality, optimal performance and accuracy.
The environment for Fimeur

Environmentally friendly processing

FIMEUR develops efficient interventions that respect the ecosystem. In addition, the company invests 15% of its annual turnover in activities aimed at promoting environmental protection processes.

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