Fimeur technicians have been working in the metal surface treatment sector for over 30 years: a long experience matured inside T.S.M. (a mark which still has a great fame within its own market) allowing the development of a very high level of know-how.

On the strength of their experience, Fimeur technicians are able to guide the customer to select the most appropriate chemical conversion treatment to serve his own needs. And to process approximately 2.500 q of metal a day, maintaining the same attention to details and respecting the delivery times.
A method of procedure allowing FIMEUR to collaborate with the most important car manufacturers in the world and introduce itself as “Phosphate coating specialists“.


FIMEUR observes the highest quality standards during every single phosphate coating phase. A method of procedure which has allowed FIMEUR to obtain the ISO 90001 certification for the Quality System Management and – in the automotive sector – to start the conformity assessments of the strict specifications required by ISO/TS 16949 standard.
Thanks to this certified quality, during these years FIMEUR was able to collaborate at international level with the most acclaimed car manufactures and gain its own customers’ trust