Today the “Quality System” of a company cannot fail to consider an accurate assessment of its own sustainability. FIMEUR is conscious of this and has been structuring itself for years to be able to operate with least impact on the environment.

Certified raw materials. All materials and substances used in the chemical conversion treatment are obtained from certified suppliers only, such as Henkel or Chemetall.

Eco-compatible reclaims or disposal of phosphate coating waste. Every year FIMEUR invests nearly 25% of its turnover in the most advanced technologies for phosphate coating waste purification and reclaim, which are only partially disposed of by specialized channels and operators.

“Closed Circuit” activity, or better with no link to local sewage system. The water needed for the different working phases is rainwater and is collected and demineralised through adequate plants. The phosphate coating wastes are then retrieved (and reused in the production process) or disposed of through authorized channels.


FIMEUR observes the highest quality standards during every single phosphate coating phase. A method of procedure which has allowed FIMEUR to obtain the ISO 90001 certification for the Quality System Management and – in the automotive sector – to start the conformity assessments of the strict specifications required by ISO/TS 16949 standard.
Thanks to this certified quality, during these years FIMEUR was able to collaborate at international level with the most acclaimed car manufactures and gain its own customers’ trust.